Top 10 Pro Tips For Pubg Mobile

Top 10 Pro Tips For Pubg Mobile

People have their own preferences in playing this game. Do not feel bad if you are not good at run and gun all the time. This game is not the same as conventional fast-paced fps games. You can either drop in hot places, or simply go somewhere else that people barely visit. If you’re more of a tactical person, I will encourage you to just find some remote areas. I have listed the top 10 short tips which will help you much in your gameplay.

  1. Land, where everybody lands - don't be afraid, just fight! It will be good practice, and in a few weeks, you'll be able to dominate the place.
  2. When possible, be the first to land. Bring as many teammates with you as possible, as they can revive you.
  3. If landing at big cities or harbors, get a shotgun and an SMG, or a sniper and an assault rifle. These are the best combination for winning in cities.
  4. Get as many grenades, first aid kits, and painkillers as possible. These will give you the upper hand in combat. Grenades for taking out hiding enemies and painkillers to use after losing some health.
  5. Keep your health bar full! Energy drinks and painkillers will do the trick. Drink a few energy drinks before entering the final circles.
  6. Be aggressive! Charge enemies and shoot rapidly with an SMG or assault rifle. This is how I became king of Georgopoulos.
  7. Put away your weapon and jump every few steps when running long distances. This will help you run faster and avoid headshots.
  8. Only snipe when you are sure he cannot spot you, or that you can kill him. Don't be impatient or they might see you!
  9. Stay behind trees or in bushes in the final circle. This will conceal you and avoid being spotted quickly.
  10. Finally, never enter the final circle in a vehicle unless you have teammates with you in the car, or you have low health. Vehicles are loud.

I hope you found this useful! Wish you luck!
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