PUBG Mobile Zombie Tips

PUBG Mobile Zombie Tips

I used a fully equipped M416 and AKM with extended quickdraw and landed in Pochinki. Focussed on the enemies first and mostly ignored zombies unless they got close and cleared Pochinki and one teammate died in the process. Then we Started killing Zombies and the first wave was pretty easy. Got a Jeep and went to school. Killed the people there and then tried attacking zombies from the steps and then went to the roof. BIG MISTAKE! There were zombies all around spawning on the roof as well as zombies spitting from the ground. Killed as many as possible and then jumped off and started attacking in the open ground which was easier. Another guy died and it was the 2 of us. Then we ran around and faced the Tyrant. A teammate went offline and I killed him alone at close range. Pretty easy to do. Just Dodge the boulders and keep hitting headshots with akm+holographic.

Then we went off to a place where there was a fight taking place and waited till they killed each other and 3 of the enemy squad remained. Both of us pushed and killed all of them and Won!

Use AKM plus Holographic, Don't take the Dp here. S12K and other 5.56 guns are good too. Get an extended quickdraw at any cost. Have a healthy bullet stock of 400–500. I had 500 collected and in no time it reduced to 20. So you need a shit ton of bullets, but don't worry, zombies drop around 60 when they die and Obviously kill the faster-moving ones first, then the spitters, then the big ones and then the rest.
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