5 Must Have Mobile Apps

I am actually, fed up of the bloatware provided by many UIs. I agree that some of the apps provided are great but, seriously most of them are just RAM suckers.

5 Must Have Mobile Apps

Here is the list of most important  apps which you will necessarily need :

File Explorer
Now, this is a must have and even when many phones come with a pre-installed one. A custom explorer is always needed. The best explorer is MIXplorer. It is really the best. It is about 1.6MB in size (probably the smallest one with more than needed features). It is better than all the most popular explorers like ES explorer, FX explorer, etc. You won't be able to find it on the Play Store. It is available on XDA.

Music Player
Now, this is also a pre-installed app. You can find it in most of the phones but I personally recommend using Phonograph. It is available on Play Store. It might not be very much popular, but seriously it is the best out there. Its size is approx 5-6MB but it's material style really is so awesome. It downloads an album cover for each and every song. It downloads images for albums, artists. It is definitely a must try.

Just like all the apps is available on each and every phone but the best web browser available is Slimperience. The browser is of 321 kB in size. It comes with material design. You can download it from the Play Store. The in app-animations are great.

File Sharing App
Now when it comes to file sharing. ShareIt rules them all. Now I think that I don't require to tell anything about this app.
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