Fortnite or PUBG

Fortnite or PUBG

Fortnite is a game where you jump out of a “battle bus” and land on the ground with a glider that magically deploys when you’re close enough to the ground. In pubg, you jump out of a plane and parachute to the ground. In Fortnite, you can loot houses and then destroy them for building materials. In pubg, you can loot houses and drive cars. In Fortnite, you can die instantly by one shot with a shotgun. In pubg, you can only die in one shot by a sniper to the head, which requires lots more skill than a game where common weapons one shot you.

These games sound quite similar, right? So why is there such a big difference? Fortnite was a game targeted towards teens and smaller children. Pubg was a game marketed to true gamers, not casuals.
Let's look at what Fortnite has going for it.
  • it’s free to play
  • it’s cartoony
  • it’s faster paced and feels like an arcade game
  • no intensive thinking required.

On the other hand, we have pubg
  • 5 – 30$ to purchase ( G2a-Steam)
  • was based on Arma 3 and currently runs on similar minimum requirements as Arma 3
  • has much superior looking graphics.
  • slower paced feels like the game it came from but streamlined for easy to get into the fun.
  • requires intensive thinking much more oft then fortnite.
  • pubg also has a steam market.

Between the two I'm going to favor pubg much much more, it’s just a more engaging game for anyone without ADHD who can handle sitting in a building or bush for 2 minutes while the zone moves to figure out, where to go next.
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