Fix Lagging Issue In PUBG Mobile

Fix Lagging Issue In PUBG Mobile

First of all what you should keep in mind is that a game lags usually because of 2 main reasons, the ping or the hardware. So if you don't know what a ping is, let me explain

Ping is used diagnostically to ensure that a host computer the user is trying to reach is actually operational, in this case, the host is the game server.

If you look at the region drop-down menu in the game you can see various numbers beside the region in ms. That's the ping, the lower it is, the better the performance. So hoping onto the battlefield, check the ping, and always select the region with the ping.

The second is your hardware, in this case, your phone, if your game was running well earlier, if that's the case then there's something you can do to get the maximum performance

Do a complete phone restart before opening the game, even though there are tons of optimization apps in the play store, nothing is more effective than a complete reboot.

You can download an app called gfx tool, it will completely optimize your game by lowering graphical details like texture, shadow quality, resolution, and even draw distance. I use this app because it also allows me to amplify the graphics and framerates.

If you have a device that has less than 2gb ram then I'm sorry you can't ever run pubg smoothly with it, at least not without root or a custom ROM.

Also, it will work in the emulator software while playing pubg mobile in your pc.
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