Top 5 Football Manager Games For Android And IOS

Top 5 Football Manager Games For Android And IOS

Welcome to another article of Gamer ghar. In this article, we are going to feature the best 5 football manager games for android and ios. Well, football manager games are really addictive and interesting to play. Till date, I have played all available football manager games in play store. Among them here I'm going to list the top 5 football manager games that you would love to play.

5. Football Manager 2019

Football manager 2019 is a paid game which you will find in play store or in the app store. I'm not much familiar with the mobile version of this game but I have played pc version for more than a year.

Main features of football manager 19

  • Manage any football club
  • Build your team
  • Work on tactics
  • Transfer market
  • Develop your players
  • Media handling

Currently, I am doing FC Barcelona career and I have won more than 15 titles and 16 manager awards. Give it a try, it will surely win your heart.

4. Underworld football manager

Underworld football manager is another football manager game that people are playing with many positive reviews. While playing this game it reminds me of a movie Shaolin Soccer. I mean you can do anything to win a game just like in Shaolin Soccer. 

Main features of underworld football manager

  • Customized your club
  • Sign star player
  • Set tactics and formation
  • Bribe
  • Win at any cost

Get ready to be a part of underworld football. Do whatever you want to do and take your club to the victory.

3. PES Club Manager

Pes club manager is an online football manager game developed by Konami. I have played this game for a year. During this time I have signed many 7 stars players and won multiple Partners cup and Manager cup. The best thing about this game is you can sign a real player also you will get player contract including platinum, gold and silver contract. As well you will also get a trainer contract. A trainer is also very important in this game to increase the skill of your players. Always save your pes coin so that you can open better players pack.

2. Top eleven be a manager

Top 5 Football Manager Games For Android And IOS

Top eleven be a manager is the best football manager game available in the play store for free.  This March it will be a year of playing this game. During this period I have learned many more tricks and information about this game. Currently, I'm in a level 11. Till date, I have won not more than 6 titles. Before this game was easier than today but now they have changed a lot of rules.  Recently they have changed an association rule which is somehow good for me. What do you think about the recent association rule?

1. Football Manager 2019

Top 5 Football Manager Games For Android And IOS

Well, I have already talked about this game before but this time I'm pointing about the Pc version of a football manager. All the features of Football manager mobile and football manager pc are same. In the pc version, you will get a 3d gameplay but in a mobile version, you will have to be happy with the 2d engine.

That's all for today. Let me know if I have missed any of your best football manager games. Keep in touch with us. Many top 10 games lists are on the way.
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